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Making a will is essential if you want to be sure of leaving your property and possessions to your loved ones and is extremely important to protect your family's future.

A will allows you to:

  • provide clarity on a whole range of practical matters
  • appoint guardians to have legal responsibility for looking after your children
  • protect your assets for your family and future generations
  • name trusted individuals to handle the administrative side of dealing with your estate

If you have assets over £325,000 then your estate may have to pay inheritance tax.  A professionally drafted will, together with the right tax planning advice, can reduce the amount of tax payable to the legal minimum.

If you do not make a will then the law dictates what happens to your estate and that may not be what you want.  The Rules of Intestacy do not make provision for unmarried partners, step-children or friends.

We offer a free first discussion in relation to any will writing or inheritance tax matter and at the end of that discussion we will be able to give you a clear statement of our fees. 

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