Forensics and Fraud Solutions

All businesses face the problem of potential fraud.

Undetected fraud ultimately leads to financial loss for the business owner. You need to think;

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Mitigation

To mitigate the risk of fraud, companies should consider documenting a Fraud Risk Register (FRR). A FRR sets out all the areas where fraud could occur, sets out the deemed likelihood of that fraud occurring, and the potential adverse effect it could have on the business.

Once determined, we can advise you as to the internal controls and processes you should put in place to prevent the fraud occurring, to detect if fraud has occurred, and how to mitigate the loss.

If you suspect fraud has occurred, we have the ability to analyse your business records and provide a view as to whether your suspicions are well founded.

Forensic accounting

We can analyse large amounts of financial and related non-financial information and summarise what it shows. This is invaluable where:

  • Businesses suspect fraud
  • Divorce proceedings require accurate, independent financial assessments
  • Estate administrators need to analyse years of family finances
  • Disputes have arisen between businesses from contingent contractual obligations

If you think you may need a bespoke investigation to be undertaken, please speak to us.