Virtual FD

Many small businesses benefit enormously from the financial insight of a trusted business adviser.

Time and money are big obstacles facing business owners in their continual assessment of past success and future strategy.

We, as your “Virtual FD”, can provide such invaluable support at a fraction of the cost of a fully employed Financial Director.

Often the finance staff within a business do not have the opportunity to perform the high level strategic analysis due to other pressing responsibilities. Let us provide relevant  support that is customised to your business, and is understandable to your target audience – be it the management team, investors, finance providers or staff.

As your Virtual FD, we can provide you with business expertise to assist you in making decisions in the following areas:

  • Structure
  • Finance
  • Personnel 
  • Systems
  • Controls
  • Processes

Often of particular interest to our clients is our ability to provide pertinent benchmarking facilities to put into context the strengths and current weaknesses of the business.

You can rely on us to give timely support to facilitate you in achieving your chosen targets.