Payroll processing is an important task when running a business with employees. Recent changes in regulation such as RTI (Real Time Information) and Auto Enrolment for pensions make this task very demanding, time consuming and very complex, especially with penalties that will be issued for non-compliance.

We offer flexible payroll solutions for businesses of all sizes - our clients range from individuals to larger companies. We will adapt our payroll services to suit you to ensure you receive your payroll information fast and your employees are paid on time. We can run your payroll weekly, monthly or quarterly to suit your needs and deal with all the queries from your employees or HMRC.

The efficient and confidential payroll service we provide includes:

  • Processing payroll in line with your requirements and RTI reporting
  • Setting up and maintaining new PAYE schemes
  • Delivering payslips via email
  • Processing and filing the end of year returns
  • Producing P60 forms at the end of the tax year
  • Producing P45 forms for leavers
  • Calculating salaries, holiday pay, student loan deductions, bonuses and administering all statutory payments
  • Advising on payroll and employment tax
  • Dealing with enquiries from employees and HMRC

Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment has been introduced to help people save more for their retirement. Employers will need to enrol their workers into a workplace pension scheme by their specified staging date.

There is a lot of administration involved in setting up and managing a workplace pension scheme. This is a significant change both in terms of cost and time commitment for your company, let us relieve the pressure. The work that we will do for you is as follows:

  • Assess all your employees to determine who is eligible for auto enrolment.
  • If you already have a pension scheme we will assess whether it is a qualifying scheme.
  • Provide letters for you to give to all your employees about the changes, which is a legal requirement. The duty is on the employer to provide the correct information to each employee at the right time.
  • Enrol all eligible employees onto the pension scheme.
  • We will register your company's scheme with The Pensions Regulator and keep up to date records. It is still your duty as the employer to inform us of any changes in circumstances for each of your employees.
  • Provide your nominated pension scheme with the necessary monthly report of contributions due.
  • Calculate the employee and employer deductions that need to be paid into the scheme. This will be processed through the payroll, and any deductions will be shown on the employee’s payslips.